Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Special Time

It's hard to believe, but Aly will be at her little pre-school in just 12 hours from now! She is attending school at our church two mornings a week starting tomorrow. We went to the orientation tonight where she played in her classroom while the parents met in the chapel. She cried when I left, but I was thrilled that she had stopped by the time I came back! To make the evening special, Chad's parents took Caroline so that I could spend a little 'special time' with Aly. We went to the shoe store and picked out new white Keds (and fancy lace socks!), ate dinner at her favorite: Chick-Fil-A, and then headed over to school.

Oddly enough, this is (I think!) the first time since Caroline was born that I had time out and alone with Aly. It was wonderful, and something that I need to make a much better effort at. Chad has done a tremendous job of getting time alone with her. They love to go out to the front porch swing and talk, which Aly always refers to as, "Special Time". Also, for the past few months, he's been taking her on 'special dates' several nights a month: they talk about it and build it up all day, eat dinner as usual at home, take a bath as usual, and then go for a special treat...in her pajamas!! She loves it, as will Caroline once she's able to do it too.

I'm looking forward to some of this much-needed 'Special Time' alone with Caroline while Aly is in school, and am really wanting to make an effort to not always use those precious hours with her for running errands (because I KNOW that will be a temptation as running around town with one is so much easier!!) I guess that tonight was the first time that I've realized just how important "Special Time" is...for all of us!

Aly in her new room at school

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Annie said...

Be still my heart... what a precious story and what a little doll you have! She is just a little Karin in the eyes and smile.

Send me your email (or drop me a line) at annlmooney@yahoo.com. I've loved catching up with you a bit!