Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dawg Days of Summer

I feel like summer is officially coming to a close. Our trips are over, basketball pre-season is starting next Tuesday, Aly starts pre-school next Wednesday, and the pool closes in just 2 weeks. I've always thought that saying, "good-bye" to summer is so much easier since it's followed by fall, which is by far my favorite season. I'm looking forward to Aly being old enough this fall to understand and enjoy pumpkins, cool weather, holidays, and football!! (She's got "Go Dawgs, woof woof" down really well already, although she doesn't quite know why she's saying it!!) And for my Texas friends, yes I still love the Aggies, but it's hard to be a true fan in this part of the country and with Chad as my husband--(not to mention...when was the last time that A&M was ranked #1?!?) Below are a few pictures from our past week. The last one is of the new basketball shirts--Chad ordered one for both girls with their names on the back. Aly refuses to wear hers...not girlie enough. The video is of Sweet Caroline standing up!

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Annie said...

Karin! Your girls are precious! I found your blog through Ashley G... long time, no see! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading *some* of your posts and hope to dig deaper when time allows. Love you!
annie loisel mooney