Friday, March 26, 2010

Picture Update

I wanted to get some pictures posted for the family to see, but I can't seem to get my thoughts together to write anything! Jack's had a few firsts in the past weeks: his first smile, his first vacation (we went to Chattanooga and Sewanee to visit some friends for two days), his first visit to the Easter bunny, and more I'm sure! He's also (knock on wood!) dropped one feeding over night! It's amazing what a difference waking up only once a night instead of twice!


Enjoying new-found baby toys

Our Little Man

This is how Caroline thinks that helmets should be worn!

Visit to the Easter Bunny

I have to say...I know that I'm biased but Caroline is the funniest little person I've ever met. Chad, Aly, and I sit back and watch her just being her and just get such a kick out of it! The funny thing is that she is absolutely oblivious to what she's doing--she's not trying to be cute, she just is! Several days ago, she asked me to say the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. When I did, she started acting it out...over and over! She's been doing it everytime we go outside to play! Hilarious.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Days of our Lives

Here are some pictures from our past week or so. We are settling into somewhat of a routine, and although we are a little more house-bound than we were a month ago, we seem to find plenty to do.

The Trooper: all bundled-up outside while the girls play

Caroline in the swingset

The girls' new favorite game is to play Cinderella. They like us to be the mean stepmother and order them around (which comes in handy for cleaning up toys!) I've made a rule that I will only be the stepmother when Jack is in bed... I'd hate for him to think that he is growing up in a house of domestic unrest!

Jack has a habit of waking up each morning at 6am. Here's the sleepy boy in bed with Daddy.

...and because Jack's room is right next to the girls', everyone has been waking up earlier than usual!

The Warne
r Kids