Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Petri Dish

I've got a bad attitude. I feel like our household has been selected to be a candidate for a non-paying scientific experiment: "How many germs can one family collect." We are ALWAYS sick. Every holiday. Every sunny day. Every rainy day. ALWAYS!! I know that this just comes from having small kids, but I feel like we have it more than anyone else I know! Well, Chad's sister and her family could rival us, but we'd come in a close second, I'm sure of it! I watch mothers with big families of kids and wonder how they are ever well, considering that we're sick as much as we are with just TWO kids!

We just got finished hunkering down for a long 8-month basketball season...Caroline seemed to be getting over her week long fever-virus...we loaded up the car to take a much-needed family trip to sunny Charleston when (only an hour into the trip)...BARF! Caroline from the back seat. Oh, the disappointment to have to turn around and drive back home. And even more disappointing: the fact that Chad had to get right back in the car and make the drive by himself! (it was a vacation, but it was planned because Chad had to recruit.) So we got over that disappointment, made some fun day-get-away plans for the week and had a whole day planned for Chad's birthday (today) when...BARF! Chad's sick. On his birthday (of course!) So, I'm sitting here wondering the who, what, when, and where of the next sickness striking. Who'da guessed that the CDC would've relocated from Atlanta to Rome?!

Sorry for the vent. I promise pictures and sunshiny happiness in my next post!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Chad

I've seen posts before where people make lists, so I decided to do one for Chad. I've been blessed to be married to him for 7 wonderful years. In that time, we've lived in 11 residences, have held 12 jobs between us, attended 5 churches, lived in 2 states, had 2 daughters, and countless more memories. We have been hired, fired, lived out of a car for a couple months, and gone one winter with no heat; but all as an adventure...together. The best part of these 7 years is that I've gotten to do all of it with him, and am so glad that this is just the beginning. How fortunate to get to live this life everyday with the most amazing man I know!
My list is of the things that I love about Chad. I'm going to make it short with just 25 things, though anyone who has spent even a few minutes with him knows that 25 doesn't do him justice. So, and in no particular order:

1. He absolutely loves God and puts Him first in his life.
2. He is the ultimate communicator, and has helped me learn the importance of opening up and
3. He is an amazing son, brother, and friend to those in his life.
4. His smile curls.
5. He is a cryer.
6. I am the person in whom he confides first.
7. He has a beautiful accent.
8. He is an amazing father; moreover, he is an amazing girl father.
9. I have never seen him lose his temper.
10. He loves his job, and the guys on his team.
11. He continually wants to make himself a better person.
12. He makes sure to take me on a date once a week, no matter how busy the season gets.
13. He is the wittiest and funniest person I know.
14. Aly literally thinks that he is "Prince Charming" from Cinderella.
15. He thinks 'outside of the box' about any problem.
16. One of his top 5 favorite television channels is Lifetime.
17. Our girls scream and run to the door when they hear him drive up.
18. He is a better shopper than I could ever dream of being.
19. He leads me spiritually.
20. He has a dimple.
21. He keeps in close contact with every friend he's ever had.
22. He can sing "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty.
23. He loves to cuddle. Well, he loves to BE cuddled!
24. He will work all day, run practice, recruit until after midnight, and still be up by 7am to
spend time with us.
25. He is absolutely gorgeous.

Here are a couple fuzzy picture from that cold, rainy, and PERFECT day 7 years ago: