Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Petri Dish

I've got a bad attitude. I feel like our household has been selected to be a candidate for a non-paying scientific experiment: "How many germs can one family collect." We are ALWAYS sick. Every holiday. Every sunny day. Every rainy day. ALWAYS!! I know that this just comes from having small kids, but I feel like we have it more than anyone else I know! Well, Chad's sister and her family could rival us, but we'd come in a close second, I'm sure of it! I watch mothers with big families of kids and wonder how they are ever well, considering that we're sick as much as we are with just TWO kids!

We just got finished hunkering down for a long 8-month basketball season...Caroline seemed to be getting over her week long fever-virus...we loaded up the car to take a much-needed family trip to sunny Charleston when (only an hour into the trip)...BARF! Caroline from the back seat. Oh, the disappointment to have to turn around and drive back home. And even more disappointing: the fact that Chad had to get right back in the car and make the drive by himself! (it was a vacation, but it was planned because Chad had to recruit.) So we got over that disappointment, made some fun day-get-away plans for the week and had a whole day planned for Chad's birthday (today) when...BARF! Chad's sick. On his birthday (of course!) So, I'm sitting here wondering the who, what, when, and where of the next sickness striking. Who'da guessed that the CDC would've relocated from Atlanta to Rome?!

Sorry for the vent. I promise pictures and sunshiny happiness in my next post!


Kristan said...

I'm sorry you guys are sick! We got over the stomach bug a few weeks back, but luckily it was just me and Carter that got it. Yuck! Now, Carter has a cough and fever...it never ends. Of course it's Spring Break here so lots of fun stuff going on in the DelGreco house this week...bummer. By the way, did you see that I finally posted on my blog???

georgiamom said...

So, so, very sorry. Ugh. I hate the feeling of waiting for the next person to go down. Hope you all get well soon!!!!

Jen said...

I promise you it DOES get better as they get older. The little ones are catching everything under the sun right now, but it will strengthen their immune systems and in a few years, it will be the normal one cold/one barf per year.

It is an 8-hour drive to my parents' house in Northern Michigan and we were about an hour into the drive on the way HOME when my daughter threw up. This was several years ago, after a Christmas visit. I had NO clean clothes in her diaper bag, so I had to snag a pair of used pajamas from the suitcases AND somehow hide the barfed-on clothes enough so that we didn't gag for the remaining 7 hours of the trip.

Ahh, the memories.