Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing Catch-up

So, it's been awhile. The thrill of blogging has definitely worn off. Come to think of it, I think that the thrill of even trying to keep in touch period has worn off! And basketball season is over. So even though recruiting takes Chad away more than I would like, I definitely don't want to spend our nights together in front of the computer! So I'm going to post lots of pictures to catch up on the past few weeks. But I have to include a quick story from dinner tonight! Aly is just a little over 3 and I've decided that it's my favorite age. 1 1/2 was a little scary, 2 1/2 was even more scary, and who knows what 3 1/2 holds in store...but we seem to be enjoying some really calm (and fun!) waters right now! Here is the conversation that I had with Aly at dinner:
A: "Poo poo poo poo poo."
K: "Aly, we don't talk like that in the kitchen while we eat; that's bad manners. Those are words we use when we use the potty."
A: (after thinking for a few seconds)- "Chicken chicken chicken chicken."

I think that the thing that I love the most is that there is no sarcasm or sass behind it...she really was thinking about what would be an appropriate word to use in the kitchen! Hilarious! I mentioned that I thought 1 1/2 was a tough age... we are in it with Caroline. I honestly don't think that she responds to her name! I've had cats that respond to me better than she does! But she's hysterical. And she loves dancing, especially when Aly sings, "Shake your booty!" Oh Lord, what am I spending the day teaching these girls?!?

Caroline: God's gift to 2 obsessively-clean people

Lizzy and Aly clown-watching at a circus birthday party

Visiting Daddy at work

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Jen said...

Hi-just found you while I was blog-hopping! :)

Oh, what a cute thing for your daughter to say. I wish I had written more things down. Now that I'm blogging, maybe I'll catch more of the fun things!

Your daughters are adorable.