Monday, April 27, 2009

Cause for Celebration!

Recruiting is a part of the coaching job that I just have a hard time loving. Coaching makes Chad a busy man, but at least the girls and I get to go to games and practices. I know in my head that recruiting players for next year's team is essential but it seems like an ongoing process that begins in July and continues on and on and on. Chad has always said that recruiting is like dating a girl, and he's so right. He has to be in constant communication with these players who can love him and then leave him the minute something better comes around. They are high-maintenance and need face-time and quality (aka- recruiting trips.) I've seen Chad screen so many of these kids' calls, and I sit broken-hearted, knowing that some kids are screening his. Our season stretches from October until March, but it's ending is just a tease because recruiting still lingers on the nights and weekends, making me only think that life is back to normal. But I can say with great excitement tonight that recruiting is OFFICIALLY OVER for the year! Chad had his first 2-day weekend since October this past weekend and we enjoyed every single minute of it. We cooked out, hung out, and soaked in every last ounce of it! Summer is in the air!

The first picture is from a local bakery with a window where you can watch as they frost cakes. Aly and Caroline have a new uniform: leotards and tutus. We wear them weekly, even more depending on if laundry is done! The bakery just happens to be a few doors down from a dance studio, so it is frequented by "real ballerinas" (according to Aly!)

Enjoying some Daddy time with Chad...on a Saturday!!!

The girls cornered a grasshopper... and Caroline caught it!!

Aly reading Caroline's favorite book, though Caroline is more concerned with her ponytail!


The McPhersons said...

So adorable! I'm glad you have Chad back - it makes life so much better:)

Emily said...

Oh so cute...glad you get to enjoy some Chad time! Tell me your sofa is not white???? With Kids?

The Trotter Family said...

Okay so I am commenting on two posts...but this is just too great and I could not help but comment! I know this weekend was HUGE for your family...I can completely relate! So glad you got a little R&R, and daddy face time :)! And the girls reading a story is just about as precious as it can be! Sweet blessings!