Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back to Life

After a wonderful 10 days with my parents, we are back and returning to the swing of things. Chad joined us in New York on Tuesday, then we all came home yesterday (Chad's plane was actually delayed, so the girls and I beat him to Atlanta by 4 hours!!) With my new camera, I definitely went picture-happy, so I apologize that there are so many! Here are a couple random ones of the girls:

We took a trip to the Syracuse zoo (the "kazoo", as Aly calls it). This was the first time we've been to a zoo, and we had a blast! (the temperature was about 75 degrees--wow!) Aly's favorite were the elephants, and Caroline really liked the penguins. (The REAL ones, that is!)

Nana and Papa with the girls at the zoo

Caroline turns 1 this upcoming Thursday, so we had a birthday party with my parents so that they could help celebrate. Aly helped Nana make the cake:

I just had to add this last picture...Caroline moves around ALL of the time, and loves to get into everything. One night, Chad went up to check on her, and this is how he found her. The bottom pad of the pack-and-play is folded up, and she is laying between the support bars...up against her head and arm!
This last video is of Aly just getting so tickled by Nana. My mom didn't know what it was that Aly thought was so funny, but anytime she did it over the entire vacation, Aly went hystarical!

Thanks for such a fun time, and we love you Nana and Papa!!

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