Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Evolution of a Student

8:15 am: Cool, calm, and ready to go

8:45 am: Good-bye at Car-line

1 pm:
"I LOOOVE School!"

1:05 pm:


Emily said...

I had to come see how Aly did on her first day...Looks like it was a success...I hope you and Caroline had some good quality time together. Ally and I do spend some of our "quality" time running errands...I need to watch that:)

The Huffman's said...

I loved the evolution of a student! That was awesome! I am glad Aly was all smiles once she got home! Have a great weekend with your girls!!! Keep those pics coming! They are fabulous!

Kristan said...

What a big girl! I'm sure there will be some crying on our first day too. Love her dress too!