Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Olympics, where are you?

We got so spoiled. Every evening we would turn the t.v. on in anticipation of watching some good, quality programming. No other time but the Olympic games would we be interested in Men's Sychronized Diving, but even that kept our attention! We stayed up until all hours of the night watching swimming, beach volleyball, and gymnastics; Chad was even able to watch the basketball team win gold sometime after 4am! So, back to regularly scheduled programming. For the past two nights we've flipped through the channels and channels of reality shows, game shows, reruns, and convention coverage...blah, blah, and blah. Where is Michael Phelps when we need him?!


Kristan said...

I know what you mean! I so miss my olympics :-( And you're right...there is NOTHING ON! By the way, I joined Facebook (what MLE was talking about) and LOVE it. You should check it out. You'd be surprised at how many old friends you'll find...including tons of high school friends! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Preston & I did the same thing. I was so tired for 2 weeks because we had to watch and see who won. Thank goodness for football or we would be dying. I just read the other comment and you should join facebook. I became "friends" with Chelsea Allen, Barton, Marsha, Annie Loisel, and lots of other fun Kappa's that I haven't heard from in years. Anyway... it is fun and addicting... just like the Olympics.