Friday, January 25, 2008

Loud times in our neck of the woods...

Well, we played Berry, our cross-town rival, last night. The crowd was GREAT...really loud, excited, and into the game. We won 81-78! It took a good hour after the game ended for my stomach to get back to normal! This first clip is of part of the student section as they were dancing to "Superman". (Chad and I tried to learn the dance off of YouTube one night, but have since given up!)

Caroline has just been having a terrible time. She cries-SCREAMS- for long stretches several times a day and just arches her back all the way over my arm while I hold her. It is so worrisome and (selfishly) tiresome. This is a video of when Chad came home this even--the first real BELLY laugh she's given us...what a treat to hear! Ironically, about 2 minutes after this, she went into one of her screaming fits. (I actually got that on video too to show the doctor, but decided that no one else would REALLY like to see that!) If anyone has any clue what this could be--the doctor thinks reflux-- I'd LOVE to hear! We would ALL love to hear!

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