Friday, February 1, 2008

Life on two fronts

As is the case with all families (I assume), we have two different fronts in our life that are separate, but also intersect: the family front and the job front. As for life at home, this past week has been great. Caroline is on new medicine, and she (and the rest of us!) have been much happier! It's so great to see her smiling again! It's getting to be close to Aly's second birthday (tomorrow!!), and I find myself so sentimental about the two of them getting older! I can't believe that just two years ago today, I was having crazy contractions and was just 24 hours away from meeting Aly...and now she's helping me make cupcakes for her birthday! Caroline started rice cereal yesterday; the fact that she's eating "solid" foods and sitting in a highchair just blows me away! No one ever told me before I became a mother that I would both celebrate and mourn each passing milestone! The pictures that follow are of Aly reading to 'Baby' (again, we do get out of our pajamas everyday...and we do have clothes for Baby--Aly just prefers the nude!) The next is of Caroline's first taste of cereal.

As for basketball life, we had a good week this week. The national polls came out on Wednesday, and our team was ranked in the top 25 for only the second time in school history! We played again last night and beat a team who made it to the Final 4 last year, so as of today, we're still ranked! We have a tough game coming up tomorrow, but I'm so proud of what the team (and sweet Chad!) have accomplished so far.

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Emily said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to my 2nd favorite Aly:) Hope it's a fun day!