Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Well, with little kids, New Year's doesn't so much much bring resolutions, but more like
opportunities to do completely new things! As you can see below (because I still have no clue as to how to add captions to my pictures!), Aly has taken one big a 'big-girl' potty. As excited as she is about the idea of getting treats for doing what pretty much comes naturally anyway, she only actually uses it about once a day. Thank goodness for Pull-Ups! I'm glad that we went for the potty with the squishy seat because I never realized how much time she would spend each day just sitting on this thing! Poor Caroline has had a tough couple of weeks; we discovered over Christmas that she had an ear infection, then went back to the doctor (after lots of screaming for the past few days) to find out that BOTH ears are now infected (these poor kids just have Chad and my BAD EAR genes, I guess!) On top of that, she's also getting two teeth in. But, after a shot and another round of antibiotics, we're hoping that she will be back to her smiley self soon. She is kind of sitting (it's more like she's folded in half), as you can see by the picture. The videos are of Aly having a VERY serious conversation while eating, and of Caroline practicing the motions of crawling. Although you would never guess it from this post, I promise that we don't run a nudist colony around here! It just seems like we always have lots of bare skin in our pictures!

Chad's team has had a good start back from the Christmas break; they are now 11-4 heading into a big stretch of home games (yea!!) I think that we can all get used to winning! We'll make that OUR New Year's Resolution!

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The Huffman's said...

How stinking cute!!!! They are beautiful Karin!!!! Hope your family continues to be healthy and safe!