Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I interrupt this summer with some pictures...

...from A MONTH ago! So, if you have been a friend of mine for any length of time, you have gotten your share of texts, phone calls, or e-mails from me saying, "my phone broke/ got lost/ got run over...please send me your phone number again!" This seems to be the story of my life. Something is always getting lost or broken when it is in my possession. Most recently, my e-mail. I am one of those sad people who fell for the (blatantly obvious) schemes, gave away my password to my e-mail, and lost every contact in the process. Quite coincidentally at the same time, the memory card for my camera lost it's, well, it's memory. Out of the 170 pictures that I took from our amazing vacation to the beach, only about 25 were salvagable. So between the e-mail, the camera, our poor dilapidated house with blue-tarped roof, hanging gutters and falling siding waiting to be repaired from the fallen tree, I have taken a bit of a vacation from technology. I've been enjoying, instead, the simpler and more predictable parts of my life that this summer season has offered: sprinklers, cook-outs with friends, swimming pools, puppet shows, sidewalk chalk, popsicles, playgrounds... none of it has been documented by a camera or sent to waiting grandparents by e-mail (sorry Nana and Papa!) but none of it has broken- which in-and-of itself seems to be a victory! I suppose I'll buy a new memory card this weekend, and I now have a new e-mail address. We should be choosing a contractor to start fixing our poor house this week, and the tree has finally been removed. But I've been reminded that you are truly a blessed person when it's only the "things" surrounding you that are broken, and the people that you surround yourself with that keep you filled! And my cup 'runneth over'.

As for these pictures...
Chad's amazing Athletic Director has a beach house in Dog Island, FL which he lent us for a long weekend. It is literally an island. We grocery shopped on the mainland on Thursday, someone took us over by boat, dropped us off, said GOOD BYE, and then we didn't see another sole until we were picked up again on Sunday. It was awesome. We had perfect weather and wonderful family time. I am really trying to celebrate the twenty-something pictures I have instead of mourning the 45 I lost! Here are just a few:

Chad and Caroline- headed out to Dog Island

Our Un-packing Mule


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The Smiths said...

Karin... I really think you should write a column or a devotional or something!!!! You are so good with words! The pictures are so sweet of the girls. It looks like you guys had a great time!