Thursday, June 11, 2009

After-Hour Activities

Still no memory card. Maybe after payday! But I do have a picture that relates to the post... Caroline being in a big bed has given the girls a sweet new way to bond. We discovered it one night as we walked by and glanced into the room to discover that Aly was not in bed. We looked over at Caroline's bed to find Aly covering her in stuffed animals as she lay perfectly still, something like this familiar picture:

I asked, "What are you doing, Aly?" She replied, "Making Caroline cozy. I do it every night. She likes it." We walked over to remove some of the animals, and sure enough, Caroline liked it and did not want the animals moved! Aly continued, got back in bed, and it's become a tradition (before bed) from that night on.

And then a few mornings later... Chad got home from working out and walked past the girls' room on his way to take a shower. Again, Aly not in bed. He came into our room, thinking that she must be with me, but she was not. We both had one of those strange shots-of-panics in the 5 steps it takes to get from our room to theirs'. We looked in and found the two girls cuddled in bed together. Aly casually asked, "Is it morning-time yet?" Coincidentally, that is how we have found them every morning since for the past week. We have always followed a pretty strict rule of "once-you're-in-bed-you-stay-in-bed" but we seem to have made an unspoken exception of "unless you want to cuddle with your sister!" I'm not sure what a 3- and almost 2-year-old lay and talk about in the early morning hours, but I hope that they treasure it forever. I know that we will.


Cortney said...

that is too precious. i wish i could be a fly on the wall for one of their conversations!

The Smiths said...

You make up for no pictures with wonderful stories!!!! I just melted, so sweet! I have a little conversation that Isaac and Mary B. had the other day about making babies. YIKES!!!!I will have to share it with you soon. Pretty funny! Missing you and those precious kids!

Jessica said...

I'm not sure if it's the "Born Again" song playing in the background that made me want to cry when reading this story...or if it was because it reminded me of what I used to do with my sister. Ok, probably both. The tears are coming I have to stop writing now!