Thursday, June 25, 2009

Caroline's Turn

"And when I hurt...the hurtin' runs off my shoulders. How can I hurt when holding you?"
-Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline'

The last two posts have been heavy on the Aly-updates, so I wanted to dedicate an entire posting to our Sweet little Caroline. She has really come into her own, and makes us laugh constantly as she is our bulldozer in a tutu. It's so funny to have two girls because it makes it really easy to see very distinct personalities. And the things that I love about Aly I find the complete opposite in Caroline...and love those opposites just as completely!

Here are just a few of the things I love about Caro:
1. She loves to kiss. We call her the "kissy monster".
2. She runs everywhere. Not fast, but runs.
3. She always has a runny nose and drool. Refer to #1.
4. She is super-tough. She runs into things and hits her head all the time, then gets right back up.
5. She loves to cuddle, but can't sit still. This must be very confusing to her.
6. She will sit still at the library for puppet shows, which she LOVES and looks forward to all week.
7. She loves flirting with strangers.
8. She didn't give Chad the time of day until about a month ago and now she can't get enough of him!
9. She LOVES boys.
10. She plays hard, and almost always falls asleep in the car before we get home, even on a 5-minute drive.
11. She dislikes ice cream and loves cookies.
12. She ALWAYS wakes up happy.
13. She has already fallen out of her bed 4 times...and cried less than Aly each time.
14. She taught Aly to go under water in the bath tub and pool.
15. She is just a mess! When she eats, when she plays, when she walks...but she is just such a stinkin' sweet mess!
16. She asks to take a nap when she's tired.
17. She will find the dirtiest part of a public restroom to play with: the sanitary napkin dispenser, chewed up gum on the side of the trashcan, cigarette butts behind the toilet seat...these are all prized toys to her.
18. She loves Aly so so so much.
19. She smiles with her entire face: eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, teeth.
20. Anytime she hears the name, "Jesus", she starts repeating, "Heart, heart, heart" and pounding her chest.

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" (may take a little imagination!)

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