Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is it my Ballerina Birthday yet?

...this was the question of the week for us! Aly has been talking about her birthday party since about Halloween, and yesterday, the day finally arrived! We had a wonderful time! (please pardon all of the detailed pictures...they're more for my mom than anything else!) We had 4 little ballerinas and 2 princes as guests, and they were so sweet to watch! The girls got tutus, magic wands and tierras, and the boys got capes, swords, and crowns. Everything was wonderful, and Aly went to sleep last night saying, "I don't want my friends to go home!" Happy 3rd birthday, Aly Bug!

The Table

The Party Favors

The Cake

Getting Ready for the Party!

Aly and Lizzy...friends forever!

Some serious decorating

A little help from her friend...

Opening presents

Aly's first Barbie!


A room full of dancing ballerinas!

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