Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear Aly!

3 years!! It's hard to believe that Aly has been a part of our lives for that long now. I'm a sentimental mess when it comes to birthdays anyway, so I will just post my pictures and be finished with it!

As is the case with all holidays it seems, Aly woke up under the weather with a cold, but was still able to enjoy a fun day. We had our traditional birthday breakfast at Panera Bread, which is a favorite among the Warner girls! Chad, Caroline, and I dropped by Aly's class and brought cupcakes--she spent the entire time on Daddy's lap listening to "Princess Aly" stories! Big D and Poppy came over after naps, and then we finished the day out with dinner at her and Daddy's favorite- Moe's.

I know that time won't stop just because I don't want these girls to get older, but I can only pray that our time will be just as sweet as it has been for the past 3 years!

Breakfast at Panera
Cupcakes at school

Microphone from Big D and Poppy

Paint! (had to wait until she was 3)

Balloon Crown from Kool-Aid the Clown

Always Daddy's Girl... (it's not even Chad's birthday, but you can see who is ALWAYS on Aly's mind!)

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Emily said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Aly!!