Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween, Biscuit!

As I mentioned in the previous post, my parents sent the girls a Halloween package which included the book, Happy Halloween, Biscuit. As is typical of all 2-year-olds, we have read that book repeatedly, probably 100-reads-per-day. Yesterday, Aly announced all day long to anyone in earshot, "Happy Halloween Biscuit!" I'm not sure if she thinks that this is the actual name of the 'holiday' or not! As we were telling Chad about the night this morning, I asked Aly, "When you walked up to somebody's door, what would you say?" (meaning 'trick-or-treat') and she responded with "I said, 'thank you'." Ahh--maybe repetition does pay off!

As for the basketball front, we lost in a very close game on Thursday night, but then had a BIG win last night. That shouldn't matter, but it's made our weekend a little happier! Nothing like sports to bring out the best in us all...

Here are a few pictures from last night. I'm not sure if we are EVER going to get a good picture of both girls together...I may have to start cutting and pasting! Regardless, we hope that you all had a very 'Happy Halloween Biscuit'

Are we having fun yet?

My sweet Bug, Caroline

Aly and BFF, Lizzy



Krissy said...

Congratulations on the win! I love seeing the girls all dressed up for Halloween. I can't believe how old they are!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Biscuit! Love it. Precious Precious girls!