Monday, November 24, 2008

A Blogging Vacation

I want to say that I'm sorry to all of you family members (and even some friends!) who check up on us from time to time on this blog. We have been busy these past few weeks, and I can honestly say that I have forgotten about this thing! I don't think that I've built in time for sharing pictures since the season has started! But we're good here, and trying to emphasize the importance of Thanksgiving with the excitement of Christmas getting closer and closer! I have to laugh, though, because Aly's absolute excitement about Christmas right now has nothing to do with receiving gifts-- (I don't think she even knows that she gets gifts!)-- it's all about the decorations. She loves going inside of Walgreens, Kroger, and Michaels because of all of the snowman, Santas, and lights!

Below are a few random pictures that do a poor job of summing up our past few weeks...but it's a start!

Morning "Dance Parties" in the kitchen

The "Thanksgiving Feast" at Aly's school

The last few pictures are from Saturday. Chad had a game and a great win against a 10-ten team! I was supposed to go to the wedding of a girl who I had in a small group as a middle-schooler! (yikes, I'm getting old!!) while Chad had a special date planned for the girls. But by the time that the game was over and interviews were done, I still hadn't changed and I was going to be late for the I accompanied my family on a celebratory carriage ride and dinner in Rome.

Caroline and Frosty, waiting for the carriage
A family shot...about as good as it gets these days!

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