Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To the Beach and Back

The beach was great. We had a wonderful time from the day that we got there and really enjoyed lots of family time. Being F.C.A. camp, I had really been looking forward to the coaches' wives Bible studies, but didn't quite make it to them (childcare was a bit of a nightmare!). God, no doubt, gave me that extra special time with the girls for a reason, and as the week went on, we were joined by more and more moms and kids who had given up on the 'childcare' themselves! Chad was free each day from about 10:30am on, so we rented bikes, swam, and (of course) went to the beach. The girls both loved the salt, sand, and water, and especially the outside showers we hosed off in every afternoon before dinner! Aly saw her first sunset one evening (Caroline was already asleep), and Chad and I loved being able to sit each night outside--with no t.v. in the background.

We made it back home in time to eat dinner with some friends, and then watch the fireworks; it was Aly's first time to see fireworks, (again, Caroline was snoozing!) and she loved all the colors. Well, she loved the first few she saw, and then enjoyed dancing and twirling around for the remainder of the night! Big D and Poppy capped off her special 4th of July weekend by taking her on a trip on the riverboat "The Roman Holiday". She even got to drive it!

We moved the girls into the same room a couple nights ago, and they have loved it! It's as if being the big sister (or having someone in the room with her!) has completely taken away Aly's recent fears of going to sleep at night, and Caroline just adores having her big sister near. I always wanted a sister and always wanted to share a room with her, so I've officially put my own desires on my daughters! Well, at least until they are old enough to say that they want separate rooms! Until then, we have a guest room available for anyone who would like to come and stay!

Recruiting season has officially begun--Chad left yesterday and will be pretty busy on the road until the end of the month. This is usually a time and part of his job that he really enjoys, but he had quite a hard time saying, "good-bye" yesterday morning. We pray that he will be safe and hurry home!

By the way...Elizabeth (if you're reading this), notice that ALL but ONE of the outfits that the girls have on--bathing suits included-- once belonged to Warner...what would we do without you?! (and your fashion sense!!)

Daddy and His Girls

The Warner Girls

Aly looking for seashells

Always ready for a hug!

Dinner at the Crab Trap

Aly's 1st sunset

Can't wait to go 'back' (ha, ha...get it?!)

"Happy Birthday, America!"

Aly's ride on the "Roman Holiday" with Big D and Poppy


The McPhersons said...

So cute Karin! they are growing up so much:) I do love their outfits...how nice of your sister-in-law! I hope this recruiting season goes by fast, I know it's not easy!

The Huffman's said...

Karin, The picture of Aly's first sunset is breath-taking!!!! Needs to be published!!!! Glad you had a great time at the beach!!!!

georgia mom said...

Hey!! Did not know you were a blogger!!! Awesome! Had so much fun at the fireworks-MJ is still talking about it! I will enjoy going back and reading your posts! M