Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 Days and Counting...

So, I've gotten the green-light from Chad to get a new camera, and I'm planning to make up for a month of taking no pictures! And just at the perfect time: I'm taking the girls to my parents' house in New York next week for almost 2 weeks!! I can't wait, and I know they will have a blast. My parents have done a great job over the past 2.5 years (since grandkids) of visiting all of us spread out ...Texas, Virginia, Georgia. I LOVE when they come visit, but because they both work, it is usually a fairly quick visit. I have always really wanted to be able to take advantage of this time that I have without an 'outside-the-house' job to be able to go to New York and spend time just letting the girls hang out with Nana and Papa, without the end of a short visit looming. Astronomical gas prices put this summer's trip in jeopardy, but Sweet Chad realized how important this time was to me and made sure that the girls and I could still go, despite the high cost of flying (I mean, charging for BAGS? Are you serious?!?) We are leaving on Wednesday, and will be there until the 2nd. I know that the time we have will be well-worth the airport, the flight, and the connections! Aaah--I'm feeling that nervous, sick-stress anxiety already!!

Below is a candid picture Shana took in the mall of Aly and her very best friend, Lizzy. What sweet innocence captured in that moment. Because my camera now only works outside, I also got one picture of the girls--in their wagon ready for a walk. The highlight of all of our walks is the chance of seeing "Miss Harriett", the sweet elderly woman who lives 2 doors down. She walks with a cane, so Aly spends quite a bit of time each day carefully selecting a stick from the yard so that she can look like "Miss Harriett". Quite honestly, for as many spills as Aly takes, a cane may help her a little!

Looking right into the sun makes for such pretty facial expressions!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip to NY! Thanks for the phone calls! We are doing well here. We miss the Warners.

Emily said...

Your girls are still just so precious. Have fun visiting your parents.I am sure you will enjoy that visit!