Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quirks and Milestones

Ten signs that Aly may be a TAD obsessive-compulsive:

1. She wants a new bib once she gets the tiniest spot on hers.
2. She loves cleaning up her toys...and would prefer for others not to help because they don't do it right.
3. There is an order to everything. Brush her teeth before brushing her hair, and prepare for a melt-down.
4. She hates 3/4-length clothes. Shirts and pants must be either short or long.
5. She cannot leave her room in the morning without a bow in her hair and Crocs on her feet.
6. As she's eating dinner, she repeats, "next is bath, then pj's, then night-night" over and over--I guess she's worried that we may forget.
7. She must have on her tap shoes for our daily morning walk.
8. Her play kitchen is more organized than my real one.
9. Daddy gets her out of bed in the morning, and Mama puts her pajamas on at substitutions or switch-er-oos!
10. Both parents are the exact same way! It's hopeless!

In other news...
Caroline is finally getting some teeth. She seems to be a little of a late-oral-bloomer, but she has 5 teeth pushing through her little gums all at once. It's not easy being a baby! She also stood on her own for the first time yesterday! Since my camera's flash is broken, I couldn't video the momentous occasion in the kitchen where it took the time I got both girls and the camera outside, she was not in a 'standing' mood. I guess that's the beauty of being the parent: you can just doctor the dates on the pictures or in the baby book to be anything that works! :-)

We spent the afternoon at the park today. Although most sane people would see the bank thermometer that read 100 degrees and think, "Pool", I convinced Chad that the park was a great activity (mainly because both girls love it...and it's so much easier with 4 sets of hands!) Below are a few pictures from our sweat-a-thon. New York we come!

The 'Big Girl' playground...

...and the 'Baby' playground


The McPhersons said...

So funny! I love how she's so "organized and planned" :) hehe...I hope your trip to NY is wonderful and that the travel days go well!

Kristan said...

Loving the "Ten Signs" list. I think you may be right. Sounds a little OCD to me too!!! That's too funny. Tell your parents "hi" from me and have fun on your trip!