Saturday, June 28, 2008

Going Beachin'

Well, I've just gotten awful about updating this thing! Now that basketball season is over, and I'm working a job during the girls' naptime, it's just hard to find a time to sit at the computer for myself! Poor Nana and Papa up in New York are having to just imagine what their granddaughters look like! We still have not bought a new camera, but I was able to take a few pictures this week (a couple dark ones, and a few outside!) Aly and Caroline's cousins, Warner and William, came in town last weekend (along with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Bill!) Aly loves her cousins and really looks up to them. Just about every outfit the girls wear were once worn by Warner, and Aly loves hearing that "Warner wore that when she was a little girl." Chad's cousin, Justin, was in town from Charleston for a few days last week. Aly had a BIG crush on him, and was so excited to get up in the morning and eat her breakfast with him! He was super-patient with the girls, as they enjoyed playing his guitar each morning. He even figured out the chords to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and played as Aly sang along.

We are headed to St. Simons on Monday for a week at F.C.A. Coaches' Camp. We are really excited, as is Aly--who has been talking about the beach and building sandcastles since we told her we were going! We're praying for good health, good weather, and extra patience during our drive! I'm hoping we'll even come back with some good pictures, since the beach is outside!

Justin, the 'Guitar Hero'

Aly and Cade on the Grasshopper

The girls' first (and hopefully only!) ride in a police car

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JMom said...

Precious pictures! Hope ya'll had a great beach trip.