Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hot Water and Bad Dreams

Let me preface this entry with the warning that there are no pictures, so it'll just be some of my own ramblings. Our camera is broken, and we have yet to get another. It's almost therapeutic for me to not have the camera with me, as it has been attached to me since the minute Aly was born. It broke down within a week of our needing a new hot-water heater, so we had to compromise on the wants vs. needs in our family finances. I don't think that the pictures of two unhappy girls who just took a cold bath would be worth taking, even if we DID have a camera!

Caroline has just hit that point where all she wants is to be down on the ground playing and moving. Almost overnight, she's gone from my baby who loves to be cuddled to a big girl who is always on the move. Where Aly loved to sit on my lap and read book after book after book, Caroline cannot sit still for even a breath! It's so fun to watch her explore. She's just learned that as she stands, she can slowly move herself from one object to another, and she's fascinated with the new skill!

Aly has had two events coincide with one another in the past month: she's officially potty-trained (yeah!), and she is suddenly fearful of everything. We can't figure out the latter, and really don't know what to do: it is genuine fear, as she wakes up crying about certain things. We've had to put about 6 books away, ones that she's loved for her entire 2 years, because she is scared of something in them. Her biggest fear is the policeman that told Frosty the Snowman to 'stop' in a book we read...IN DECEMBER!! She's never been nervous about being left with others (she used to practically leap out of my arms at any church nursery!), but she now is suddenly crying every time that she goes. If anyone has any advice or an explanation, I'd welcome it! I'm sure it's normal, but it makes me hurt for her!

Besides that, all is great here. This is my favorite time of year, as far as Chad's job goes. These couple months make me forget those final couple months of the season! Maybe we will be able to add some pictures to my next post...I know that they are much more entertaining than I am!

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Emily said...

Oh Karin, you are so entertaining! Your girls sound so Ally is a squimer and once she tasted her freedom to move about, it was no more cuddles for me.

Yay for Aly on being potty trained. What an accomplishment! Molly went thru and still does have BIG fears over small thing. Ours is noises...esp toilets flushing. All I can advise is not to make a big fuss and hopefully it's a passing stage!!

Love ya!