Thursday, June 5, 2008

Age to Age

I'm sure that I'll be partial to EVERY age that the girls are at, but I have to say that right now (10 months and 2 years) are my favorite two ages. Caroline is just SWEET, and Aly is just HILARIOUS. Caroline is fascinated by everything in sight, and has just started responding to us and doing 'tricks' (the video below.) She can examine a crack on the floor for 2 minutes, every single time she crawls over it--oh to have such innocence!

As is the case with all kids I'm sure, the things that come out of Aly's mouth just crack me up. She has such Chad's personality--she doesn't know a stranger in the world--so I just sit back and watch (a little jealous!) in amazement. Don't get me wrong...they aren't perfect! But what blessings we got when He gave us these two!

The flash on my camera is no longer working, so I guess all pictures will have to be either outside, or in mid-afternoon. Of all of the picture-taking this week (and there's always a lot of it!), these are the only ones that came out. The other kids in the pool are Sam and Lizzy Pardue. We have our own personal country club in the backyard, complete with sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, and a swing set! Who needs to leave the house when you have such luxuries?!

"Under the Table and Dreaming"

The Warner Country Club

First Crush: Sam and Caroline

Caroline doing "Shake and Bake"

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