Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol

Move over Kelly Clarkson, the new American Idol is in the house! One of the girls' favorite activities is playing the drums (Tupperware.) Actually, Aly plays and Caroline licks. Caroline watches her big sister as if she were a true rock star...someday she, too, will be able to wow a crowd with her incredible skills!

I've also included a few pictures of the girls at bath time. Caroline is now sitting up in the bath, much to both girls' utter delight!


Aly said...

HELLO!?!?!? had no idea you had a blog!!!! too fun!!! love the video and all the pics. and hey, i JUST read your text a couple of days ago...i have NO IDEA how i missed it! so when can we play???

Kristan said...

Karin, that video is so cute! Also, in the second picture, I think Aly looks exactly like you. Don't you love tub time? I might as well get in with them since I end up as wet as they do! Love you!