Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bad Mama Moments

OK--I think we've all had these, right? The times when you do something accidentally to your poor, helpless kid and think, "Wow...I hope no one just saw that!" I think the first time it happened to me was when Aly was just a few weeks old; I had been grocery shopping with her in the Baby Bjorn, and as I was taking her out of it in the parking lot to put her in her seat in the car, I bumped her little newborn head on the door frame! My precious daughter is screaming her eyes out, and all I can do is look around the lot to see who saw and thinks that I have no business having a kid!!
So, I've unfortunately had a couple of these moments just in the past few days--Caroline being the unfortunate victim both times. Aly woke up Friday covered in hives from head to toe. As I had her on the changing table in her room, I put Caroline in Aly's bed (which has guard rails, a headboard, and a foot board!) I was taking Aly's temperature--you know where--when suddenly I heard a THUMP. I knew immediately what it was...Caroline, on the floor, on the other side of the bed! I ran over to her and things went chaotic: She was screaming, I was crying, and Aly was crying (legs up in the air, thermometer still in 'place'!) I couldn't/ wouldn't put Caroline back down until she stopped crying, so I just prayed that Aly wouldn't have a diaper-free accident on top of everything else! Side-note: I think it's time to invest in an ear-thermometer!

My most recent Bad Mama Moment happened tonight during the time of day that I sometimes wish I could fast-forward through: bath time. Pre-bath, bath, and post-bath with young kids takes skill and patience. With that said, Caroline has had a long day: fever and 2 infected ears (we live at our Pediatrician's!). Aly was waiting for me to put her in the tub as I undressed Caroline; I was trying to get C's shirt off the lazy way: just pulling and hoping that her eyes and cheeks wouldn't get squished. (Do you remember what I said about patience? I had run out of it!) Well, as I pulled, her shirt popped off--but her head fell forward and hit the floor...the HARDwood floor. More crying...from both girls. All that said... there are no scars, no bruises--until this blog was written, no evidence! Oh the stories these girls could tell (if only they could talk!)


The Huffman's said...

Oh Karin!!! I know what you mean about looking around making sure no one can see!!! I have too many stories from my nannying days of 4 children!!! I hope this weekend goes better for you!!! I love the Easter pics!!!!

Emily said...

Karin, you are too funny! I thought it was going to be something just awful....those are typical things that happen around our house on a daily basis:) You need to get you a temporal thermometer you just rub across the forehead! Love the pics, too cute!