Monday, March 17, 2008

Catching Up

For any of you who read this thing regularly, you've noticed that I've been a little slack lately. The reason? Basketball season is OVER!! So, rather than spending my evenings sitting in front of the computer being a nerd, I've been enjoying Chad! Just to brag on him for a minute...let me just say what an INCREDIBLE coach he is! In just his first year, his team won 19 games (the second most wins in school HISTORY!), they made it to their conference tournament for the first time in forever (where they beat our cross-town rivals in the first round), and now he can get no teams to play us out of conference next year because they're scared! Ok--enough about that.

Last week, the school where Chad used to coach-William & Mary- made it to their conference final; so we loaded up the girls spur-of-the-moment and drove to Virginia to see the game. While there, we stayed with our great friends, the Smiths. As I wrote about my friend Kristyn holding a special place in my heart, Cortney is the same way (though not due to pregnancy...she is a year younger than I am, and expecting her FOURTH in June!!) Cortney and I (along with sweet Krissy Vick!) are in the coachs' wives club...I think that every wife should be able to form a club with wives from their husbands' professions whom they can sit and complain, commiserate, and celebrate what that profession brings. So there should be a lawyers' wives club, a doctors' wives club, a preachers' wives club, a salesmans' wives club...whatever. Cortney and Krissy are my lifesavers around February, when I feel like I'm about to lose it... how great it feels to hear that they are about at wit's end too! There is definitely comfort in numbers. Although the time that Cortney and I had was too short (it always is!), it was so wonderful to have it. While there, we also got to visit the McPhersons and meet their precious new baby, Alley.

The pictures are a little random: the first is of Aly and her friend Lizzy hard at work in the kitchen. (Aly is an expert chef of imaginary soup.) The next is of the girls enjoying the hotel bed at our conference tournament (naked, what else?!) There is a close-up of Caroline, and then an 'action-shot' of Aly and Emma (Cortney's youngest) on the trampoline. Watching Aly 'jump' made it clear that the poor girl isn't what some would call "athletic". Bless her little heart!

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Kristan said...

I've been checking for a new post almost every day! I'm so addicted to everyone's blogs--it's ridiculous :-) The girls are getting so big and I know what you mean about having friends to commiserate with. Although I haven't joined an official "club", I do enjoy the occasional venting session with friends...especially over a glass of wine. That seems to make everything so much better :-)