Monday, November 28, 2011

The Missing Month

Are you kidding?! Is it really the end of November? I feel like we're still eating the last of the Halloween candy! And have I really not posted anything for almost a month?! I guess that somewhere between school programs, basketball, family visits, and Thanksgiving the month disappeared. Here's a quick recap before the slow-paced December (ha!) sneaks by too:

Aly's Thanksgiving Program

Caroline's Thanksgiving Program
Our little "Smiling Horse"

Jack found a girlfriend at Daddy's game
(did I mention that the Hawks are currently 7-0?!)

Chad and the girls during the post-game interview
Aly was thrilled that Nana heard her say, "Go Hawks" all the way up in NY!

Some sister lovin'

Thanksgiving Day Football
We got to spend a great couple days with Nana and Papa as well as our Alabama family.
Obviously, we didn't use much of the camera during that visit!

Jack feeding his new-found buddy

The kids reading The Nutcracker to...the nutcracker

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