Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carolina!

Oh, this little girl. I marvel at her and am tickled by her each and every minute. She is never at a loss for questions, hugs, or imaginary friends. I made a list of things that we love about Caroline about 2 years ago, so I thought that a birthday list was well-overdue.
Just a few things we love about our Sweet Caroline:

1. She always, ALWAYS wakes up happy.
2. She often tells us, un-prompted, how much she loves us.
3. She tries to love on/ nurture Jack but almost destroys him in every attempt.
4. She has multiple imaginary friends, but "Fritz" has been around for a long time and is a really good friend, according to her.
5. She hugs with her entire body. Imagine a koala bear.
6. Her smile- lips, cheeks, and eyes- is the most darling, contagious thing I've ever seen.
7. She loves to make people laugh, and is not afraid to laugh at herself.
8. She still falls asleep during most afternoon car rides lasting more than 10 minutes.
9. She has bad dreams often- that's bad. But she cuddles up next to us in bed- that's sweet.
10. She loves to sleep with her bed covered with dolls and animals.
11. She would rather eat at home than a restaurant any day. We pack food for her anytime we eat out.
12. She is quick to get upset, and quick to get over it.
13. She is just as happy playing by herself as she is playing with others.
14. She loves playing "eye-to-eye, cheek-to-cheek, nose-to-nose" with Chad.
15. She gets excited over the smallest, most trivial things. Really excited.
16. She has an incredible memory.
17. She L-O-V-E LOVES Justin Beiber. He is yet another imaginary friend.
18. She loves to dance and wears a leotard and tutu on a weekly basis.
19. She is not easily-influenced by others, even Aly.
20. She sleeps exactly as she did as a baby: on her back with her hands behinds her head.

We could go on and on. She is precious and we are blessed everyday that she has made these past 4 years so fun. Here are a few pictures of the big day on Sunday:

Proud of her new Big Girl Bike

Birthday Breakfast at Panera

Waiting for friends to arrive

Repunzel cake

Decorating Headbands and Hair-clips

A mixed guest list of Santas, ballerinas, and Mulan

Loving the attention!

Everyone admiring the gifts

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Cort said...

ah, i LOVE her! great list :)