Friday, February 18, 2011

The Jumping "Bug Ball"

I am a huge fan of at-home birthday parties. I think that it's so fun to pick a theme and just get creative! I love putting together party favors, making fun cakes, playing silly games, and having a house-ful of kids. With all that said, I was thanking my lucky stars on the evening of February 3rd that we had made the decision 2 months earlier to have Aly's birthday at our town's giant-inflatable-jump place. Knowing we would be moving at some point and therefore not sure which address to put on invitations, I thought that this would be smart. As it turned out, we were in mid-move, Chad had a game, and cold, icy weather was moving in. The fact that there were people there to serve the kids, clean up after the kids, and get all of the presents from the party to my car in the snow with three kids was so worth a year's break from a home party. All we had to bring were the kids and the cake!

At the end of the day, Aly had a wonderful time and felt so special. As we were leaving, huge white snowflakes were falling, which she truly thought was orchestrated for her. She had originally wanted a "Bug Ball" birthday so she was a sport and settled for a butterfly cake. And the clever little thing picked out a dress with flowers on it because, "that's what a bee would land on and a bee is a bug." What a smart cookie.

A Little Friendly Teamwork

Look at those sweet faces in the background!

My party lifesaver: Big D.

Admiring the loot before bed

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