Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Mine

Everyone always told us that we would just keep finding more love to give as we continued to have kids. That was so hard to imagine with just Aly, as I felt like she carried my entire heart in her little one-year-old self. And then I guess that somehow a photocopy was made of my heart, as Caroline holds it with just as tight (if not a more amusing!) grasp. And then came Jack. Sweet Baby Jack who took us all by surprise but, wow, would this family be so incomplete and strange if he weren't a part of it. I have to say very sincerely that having Jack Warner in our family has been such a thrill, treat, and privilege this past year. I don't know if it's a boy thing, a knowing-he's-the-last-one thing, or just a Jack-thing, but he has captured this heart in a whole new way. I love watching him and seeing Chad 34 years earlier; I love picturing the kind of man that he will grow to be; I love the attachment he has to me; I love that when he gets excited, his little feet move in circles; I love that when he hears his sisters from anywhere in the house he immediately starts laughing and searching; I love that when Chad calls him "champ" he responds with pride. I love him. Completely, strongly, protectively, and proudly. He is my son and I love that that will always be true.

We were able to celebrate twice for Jack's birthday: once on his real birthday and once with a few family and friends. You would think by these pictures that all we did was eat... I guess that as a one-year-old, what else is there to do on your birthday?!

Birthday Breakfast at Panera (our family really should own stock!)

Chad had a game so the girls and I had a mini "first-cake" celebration with a mini cake.
But I don't think there is such thing as too much cake!

"First Cake" part two with a bigger audience

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.

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