Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daddy's Dates

I still remember exactly what I was wearing when my dad and I went to the Girl Scout father/daughter dance (a pale yellow and white striped shirt with a yellow corduroy skirt). It was a sweet night with a sweet memory.

Chad took Aly and Caroline to their first father/daughter Valentine's dance last night and all three of them savored every minute of it. They have been talking about it and excited about it for two weeks and, since the dance didn't begin until 6:30pm, yesterday was a LOOONG day. But with hair washed and curled, new flower-girl dresses (from a wedding which the flu kept them from attending back in December) and a tulip for each date, Chad and his girls set out for a night that did not disappoint. They danced, dined, and danced some more. Chad said that one of the first songs playing was Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl" and he almost lost it! They walked in the door with stories to tell, dance moves to share, and corsages to show off. I love that, though it was just a few short hours, all three of them will carry a memory that they can hold tight to forever.

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