Monday, June 21, 2010

Say "Cheese" (or "Cheese-y"!)

I am definitely a sucker. Even more than that, I have an absolute inability to say "no". But I would also love a family picture, which we've never had. So call it a perfect storm, but 3 weeks ago while walking into Kroger, a nice older man with 2 huge gold rings on his fingers persuaded me to pay $10 for an entire picture package. Who can say "no" to a family portrait ("portrait" may be a little bit of an exaggeration) for $10? My husband, that's who. But he played along, we all got dressed up and showed up. To Kroger. The grocery store. Chad was a little horrified, but entertained himself with his cinematography skills:

Only 2 weeks and we'll get to return (to Kroger!) and see if our $10 was well-spent...

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Cortney said...

that might be the funniest thing i have seen all year!!!!! hahahaha, i love y'all!