Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Blink

Something strange has happened in the past week: we've blinked, and suddenly we're surrounded by little people who are not so little anymore! They seem to be passing milestones, each at their own rate, and I can't make them stop!! Aly and Caroline have turned into little fish (well, mermaids, according to them!) They want to spend every afternoon at the pool and it's just amazing to watch them swim! And both of them love the diving board. The diving board?! When did they get old enough for that?! I'd love to get some video of them, but I don't think I'm talented enough to tread water, watch out for a sinking kid, and manipulate a camera at the same time. Poor Jack doesn't exactly love the water yet, so he spends a good majority of the time sweating in his stroller in the shade. He doesn't seem to mind, but it is enough to kill a mom whose guilt-meter is already off the charts!

On Jack's part, he is teething big time and always has half of his hand in his mouth.

I don't know if it's a boy thing or a Jack-thing, but he is quite the little eater! He is already starting to eat rice cereal. The girls didn't start until closer to six months, but he just eats a lot--too much for me to keep up with! He seemed pretty excited about the new food... though I do have to say that he is the happiest and most easy-going baby ever so I didn't expect anything less.

Caroline and Aly still dance everywhere. Our kitchen is a permanent stage with The Nutcracker playing constantly. They now refer to me as Ms. Meredith (Aly's dance teacher!) The will have the privilege of attending her dance camp next week--they are absolutely ecstatic. Pictures of the big week to come!

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