Thursday, October 8, 2009

We told the girls last night that we would be going to the fair tonight, and they have looked so forward to it (calling it everything from 'the circus' to 'the zoo'!) that they have asked when we were going from that moment on! We finally made it, and we had a great time. Chad and I knew that one of the girls would be brave and the other scared...However, we could have never guessed that it would be the careful, cautious Aly who wanted to ride even the fastest, highest rides while Caroline, who usually considers the consequences only after running through the wall, would be absolutely frightened! But she did finally decide to ride the Ferris Wheel and laughed and screamed the whole time. The highlight of Aly's night was riding the very fast Himalaya with Chad. I took a picture of her standing on tiptoes while the Carney measured her!
Many rides, empty pockets, tummies full of fair food, and a tearful good-bye later, we can't wait to go back next year!

Don't let the smile fool you: the Carney had to stop the ride to let the crying Caroline off!

The Surprise Dare-Devil

Atop the Ferris Wheel (this IS a real smile!)

Boarding the Himalaya...
...and riding it!

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