Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sick Days at the Sick Bay

I know that I've posted about this before, but I really feel like we get sick a lot around here. Someone is sick every week! We went to get flu shots on Thursday and the receptionist checked us in by name, and double-checked our address and insurance information- all without having to ask me a single question, then followed it by, "I feel like I know y'all well!" Aly has a high fever, her second bout with this in a month. And poor Caroline lost the tube out of one of her ears this summer and has had 4 straight ear just that ear! She is getting a second set of tubes in and her adenoids out in two weeks; hopefully that will get her through the winter! Just as a footnote, Caroline also started running a fever before bed! I really am not complaining- I just hate it for these kids! Here is a picture of our pitiful patient tonight:

But, all is not fevers and earaches... here are a few pictures from our past week or two:

Daddy and the girls before "Daddy's Dessert" night at school

Face painting at Alumni Weekend (for Chad's 15 year high school reunion!!)

Posing with cousins William and Warner in front of a HUGE dump truck

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Kristin Denman said...

Sorry they are sick. :( Hope they feel better soon.
BTW- Cole had 2 sets of tubes and had adenoids out the second time too. I was worried about the whole adenoid thing, but it ended up being easy.