Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Third Time's a Charm!

Our family went to the local pumpkin patch on Sunday to pick out our pumpkin, which the girls are just dying to make into a jack-o-lantern right now! As I got home and downloaded the pictures, something occurred to me that I never thought possible even a year or two ago: we have a family picture in the same patch of pumpkins for THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS!!! Some might call that just a typical Halloween tradition, but it struck me as remarkable to our family! In the years that we have been married, Chad and I have never lived somewhere for three years! In Aly's first year and a half of life, we had lived in 3 different cities in 2 different states and 4 different houses! And now a pumpkin patch picture for three consecutive Halloweens? Now that's stability if I've ever heard it! And even more surprising to me is the fact that I'm enjoying this stability. For the first 5 years that we were married, I loved the fact that we were moving, changing jobs, meeting new friends; there was a part of me that worried that I must be part Nomad (sorry Chris, if that's not politically correct!!) After our first year here, I started assuming we were leaving and getting that itch to start packing boxes. But looking at these pictures just confirms to me that we are so blessed to live in a wonderful town, where Chad has a job he loves, attending a church with exciting growth, surrounded by friends who we're creating roots with! Yes, we are rooted in this community and I couldn't be happier! I guess my days of being a Gypsie (again, sorry Chris!) are over!





The Smiths said...

Okay, this might be my favorite blog yet! So, so, sweet! The pictures say it all. So glad your curtains are up and your HEART is home! Love ya!

Chris Bonner said...

I guess I shouldn't have joked about the carney's huh? So sweet. Love y'all so much!