Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, you have a bad day!

Yesterday was one of those days that by the time I got in bed, I had to give Chad a huge, "I'm sorry." It seemed like from the moment I woke up, things just went counter to how I would have planned them.
Just one quick (though disgusting) example:
I went into the girls' room to get them up from nap, knowing that we had a 'trip-to-Walmart-unload-groceries-and-cook-dinner" three hour-marathon in front of us. I walked in, gave Aly a kiss, then made my way over to Caroline's crib. She had taken off her diaper and wiped the contents of it all over herself, her crib, her sheets, and bumper pads. I had to laugh because it was really just par for the day.

So we drove out to Wal-mart. Aly cried the first 15 minutes we were in the store because I made her keep her stuffed animal in the car (even though this is ALWAYS a rule). We had about 15 minutes of fun shopping, and then Caroline cried from about the cereal aisle on. My friend Mandy has talked about her love/hate relationship with Wal-mart before, and I told her about the girl at the check-out whom I always get...she's from the North and always tells me about how annoyed she gets with "Dumb Southerners". Well, I got her again (she always has the shortest line, and with a crying baby, I take what I can get.) This is honestly how our conversation went:

Girl: Why is your daughter crying?
Me: Well, we've been here a long time, and she gets worn out by the end of the trip.
Girl: I don't think that parents should bring kids under about 3 or 4 grocery shopping.
Me: Hmm.
Girl: 'Cause I think the best time to shop is while their sleeping.
Me: Hmm.
Girl: I just hope that whenever I get married and have kids, my husband is willing to stay home with my kids so I don't have to take them shopping, until they're an appropriate age like 3 or 4.
Me: I hope that works for you.
I mean, really? And the whole time (as she's talking SO slowly), Caroline is losing it!

The frustrating thing was that there was still quite a bit of 'day' left, and I just couldn't get my bad attitude turned around. Poor Chad. By the time I got home from small group, it was 9:30 and I was about in tears.

But I can laugh about it now. And I guess that if that's my idea of a horrible day, I am indeed a blessed person!


georgia mom said...

oh, my, gosh. Was it a full moon yesterday or something? My day sounded alot like yours minus the poop. I made it ten times worse by having a bad attitude. G and Chad should talk it might make them both feel better.
Which Wal-mart girl is this!!!!! You have to tell me. I want to go through her line just for enjoyment.

The Huffman's said...

Oh Karin!!! I have experienced a Walmart trip with 4 children all under the age of 6 on multiple occasions and there is bound to be a meltdown! I feel for you! I hope your week gets better!!! Just know that Chad will always understand and make you smile the next day! Miss you and love reading your adventures!

Kristan said...

Don't you just LOVE days like that? It's like as soon as you wake up you just know the day is going to be horrible. I must say, your description of the 3-hour marathon is perfect! I feel like I'm flailing around by the time I have to start dinner :-) Love you!