Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Date Night at the Warners

It's amazing how much time I've spent staring at 'html' jumble. I've finally decided that instead of risking losing all of the pictures that I've posted on this thing, I would just settle for a big-bird look. It is Chad's favorite color, so maybe it'll be our tribute to him.

Chad and I are reaching a milestone this coming weekend: we are spending our first weekend away since Caroline was born! He has a coaching clinic in Chattanooga, so we are going up Friday night and returning Sunday afternoon. I am really looking forward to our quiet time together, and know that the girls will have a great time with Big D and Poppy! I really can't imagine being away for more than a few hours, so I hope that I'm able to enjoy the time with Chad! I think the strangest feeling about being without kids, even for just an evening date, is getting to a gas station. It's so weird to remember that both people can go inside to pick out some gum...no one has to stay in the car with the kids! As a matter of fact, except for being on a date, I don't remember when the last time was that I was inside of a gas station! (what did moms do before pay-at-the-pump?) Who'da thought that a gas station would ever be a highlight of a date night! (just for the record, Chad takes me on great dates! I wouldn't want him to feel minimized to a comparison to a pack of Extra gum!)

Lizzy P. and Aly playing dress-up

Caroline standing--she took her first 'step' (more like a lunge) just a moment before this picture

Chad and the girls on "Game Day"-- Aly's favorite day of the week

These are just two funny little videos of the girls playing their favorite game: push-each other-around- in-the-baby-stoller. Caroline just beams at the fact that she is able to actually walk when she's pushing Aly...
...and then there's Aly pushing Caroline. (You can see that Caroline is directing Aly down the hall!)

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georgia mom said...

Hey! I am so excited you are getting to go on this special weekend!!! I know ya'll will have so much fun!!