Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dance Recital-or-Bust

Our winter recital was two Saturdays ago. On the calendar it seemed perfect because it was one of about two Saturdays this season with no basketball game! It did, however, take place just 5 days after Caroline got her tonsils out. It was a tougher week-and-a-half than any of us had envisioned, but she was determined to make it to the dance recital. And make it she did. Costume on, make-up and hair ready, in the basement of the city audiorium. But the poor girl just couldn't make it on stage. She felt miserable and nothing could make her leave our side. So she enjoyed an evening of ballet on my lap. And sitting with my baby girl watching her beautiful sister dance, I couldn't have been happier.

The girls, pre-meltdown

Aly- Happy and healthy

Family Picture. Definitely time to go home!

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