Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday Girl

She's got the shortest name in the family, but the most nicknames. "Bug", "Little Girl", "Boogs", "Boogs Magee", "Als", "Aly Cat", "Aly-Cookie, "Aly-Boo", "Aggie", and "Abu".

And on Thursday, we celebrated her sixth birthday. She may be about sixteen on the inside, but she'll always be our little girl.

Birthday Breakfast at Panera

and snack at school
For her birthday, she asked that we make the trip to see Daddy's game on Thursday night. It was a tough game to go to, rather a mob-like atmosphere. At the conclusion of the game, Caroline was crying because she was scared of the crowd, Jack was crying because it was well-past bedtime, but the birthday girl was crying because the Hawks took their first loss to end their 22-game perfect season. It struck me how similar our little girl is to this famous face:

Truly Daddy's biggest fan.

Happy Birthday, Little Bug.