Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lessons from the Parade

The girls were glued to the Macy's Parade this Thanksgiving...saw the entire thing. In the past week, I've observed a few new things, courtesy of the parade:

1. 'Good-bye' ballet slippers and tutus; 'hello' high heals and short tap-outfits. It seems that being a "Rockette" is the new desired profession.

2. "You can tell that we like Alex because when we see him, we scream and run away; that's what girls do when they see Justin Beiber." This was Aly's explanation to Caroline, when talking about the boy across the street. (courtesy of the Pepsi or Coke commercial with Justin Beiber they saw every 5 minutes.)

3. "Spider Man is my boyfriend." After the Broadway performance by the webbed-hero, Caroline has a new obsession.

4. "Boys sometimes dress up like girls." This keeps coming up after another Broadway performance with a cast of transvestites. That was a fun one to explain.

5. "When are we going to see the floats?" This is the question I kept getting during our town's very humble, simple Christmas Parade. (while sitting in the cold drizzle it took everything I had to give a positive, non-sarcastic response!)

I can't help but be in awe of the amount of information
absorbed and processed by these little minds!

P.S.-- Just finished listening to Chad's game on the radio. Have I mentioned that the Hawks are 9-0?!

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Becky said...

Hello sweet Warner family! So good to see some of your updates and pics...I need some info, can you send me an email? Thanks!