Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Just a quick picture to explain why, though I've been on my computer every possible free minute since about April, I haven't posted more than just a few times to this blog:

This past week, our church had our annual VBS and this year, I had the privilege to "direct" it. 90 volunteers came together to make it a memorable week. As fun as it was, it was so nice today to sit, relax, and not think about one thing, not one to-do list.

Chad took each morning off of work to help out. I so wish that I had a picture of his alter-ego throughout the week: a break-dancing, egg juggling, basketball-goal-swinging guy named "Bustin Jeeber" who wore my (knock-off) Uggs, my puffy black vest and cowboy hat, and some basketball shorts from about 1994. It was simply hilarious to hear 250+ kids chanting "Jeeber" every morning! I have no picture of Bustin Jeeber, but I do love this picture of Chad and his girls:

Now, onto packing for a much-anticipated, long-awaited trip to Nana and Papa's!

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Michelle said...

First Pres VBS- oh I MISS it- and the Warners! SO good getting to see pictures! Love you!