Monday, June 13, 2011

Friend Island

Some of our friends had the generous (and crazy) idea to invite 3 other families to join them at their beach house for 4 days. And when I say "crazy", I mean that there were 18 of us... 10 of whom were kids! (It's no wonder all of the kids took it upon themselves to rename Fripp Island "Friend Island".)

My expectations going into the trip were low: I would consider it a success if no one got the stomach bug. Shame on me for having such low expectations! Every minute of the trip was incredible. The kids had a blast, entertained each other, and enjoyed a virtual 4-day slumber party! And we grown-ups had the chance to sit back, talk, laugh, and enjoy a time with no schedules, clocks, chores, or work. The weather was perfect, the food delicious, and the beach was beautiful. Even an all-nighter in the ER with Jack for a bad case of croup the last night couldn't put a damper on the fun we had. Because hey, at least it wasn't the stomach bug!

The big kids

And the little ones

Beach Races

Healthy Jack...

...and not-so-healthy Jack

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