Friday, April 29, 2011

Snow Birds

Growing up, I remember the time between Super Bowl Sunday until May 1st as being just so special. It was for this 3-month time period that my grandparents would make their annual migration south from the northern tip of Minnesota to where we were in Texas. They would stay at a condominium close to us, be at our sports and school events, and be at our house (often with ooey-gooey Monkey bread) when we came home from school. I LOVED it. Although their stay was not quite as long as the time my brothers and I had with my grandparents, it was just as much of a treat to us. Nana and Papa came for the week prior to Easter, and although it was a short stay according to the calendar, we packed as much together-time as we could. Chad and I were sleeping in the room across from the girls and I think that their conversation while waiting to see Nana and Papa for the first time early Monday morning explains their excitement perfectly:
Aly: "Caro, do you think Nana and Papa are here?!"
Caroline: "Aly! I smell their coffee!" (then after peeking out of their bedroom door),
"Aly, I love Nana and Papa more than Mama and Daddy."
Aly: "Caroline, you can't say that!"

I am rarely caught with my camera so these few pictures don't do the visit justice at all. They were all I took during the entire week!

...At the children's museum in Chattanooga...

Making bugs

Playing in the water

It was so fun to be at a place where Jack could actually get down and enjoy some of the action!

...And just hanging out at home...

Cuddling with Papa

Undivided attention (wait, what's that?!) from Nana
...Now just anxiously awaiting this summer when this family of sick-of-the-heat birds can migrate North to New York!

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