Saturday, April 30, 2011

Long Live Princess Catherine!

If there is one thing that almost every girl has in common, it's a love of Fairy Tales.
Now let me stop and say that I love everything about America. But I've got to admit that England does it right when it comes to tradition, pomp, and circumstance. And what a show was put on yesterday! From the buildings to the coaches to the hats, the Royal Family did not disappoint. Though we didn't see the actual wedding until we attended an afternoon Princess-Wedding-Watching party, we were all struck (and by "all" I mean the girls and me) by the Prince and Princess' first kiss. Not bad timing for Jack that the military fly-by was just a short minute or so later! (as he sat watching the planes and repeating, "brrr-brrr").

The cast came complete with King, Queen, Prince, commoner-turned-Princess, and even a stepmother! Not even Disney can top that!

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