Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Resolution

Let me start off by apologizing, mostly to my parents. I'm sorry that I've been so awful about downloading (and taking, for that matter!) pictures of your grandkids. It's not a lazy thing; it's not that we are just so busy that I can't take pictures; it's certainly not that I don't care! I blame it solely and whole-heartedly on our less-than-great Internet service from at&t. I'd chronicle the time and conversations I've had with operators, service-technicians, and my children ("Hang on, Sugar- this person is telling me how to fix our computer...AGAIN!"), but that would be a mixture of boredom and frustration on both of our ends. So I'll just settle for "I'm sorry." With a new modem, new wiring, and a new positive outlook on the Web, I vow to begin this spring with a resolution to capture, download, and send more pictures.

With that said, here are some pictures of the Warner kids over the past several weeks. To be honest, a good majority of them are of Jack because if I were to compare the number of pictures I'd taken of the girls by 13 months to the number I've taken of Jack at the same age, the ratio would be about 10,000 to 3. So, being the guilt-ridden person that I am, I'll make up for it in a single blog post. So, here's to Jack and the girls:

Making cupcakes for Chad's birthday

A little outside art. Too bad Mama left it out in the overnight downpour.

Jack crawled over to a junk pile in the corner of our driveway with the sole purpose of playing with an old, deflated football. Makes his Daddy proud.

See those feet? Caroline was playing 'house' in the cabinet.

Jack playing in his room...

...and under his crib

A little NCAA tournament action for my boys

Our make-shift swing for Jack while we contemplate what to do with the new yard...

Saturday afternoon was a gorgeous, 80-degree day so we (Chad) used the afternoon to clean out the old barn (someday-to-be-playhouse) in our new backyard. The girls were so excited, and spent at least 10-15 minutes sweeping while pretending to be Snow White.
After a fair amount of 'cleaning', we left Chad to the years and years of neglected junk and dust for some fresh air and bike-riding at the school down the street. Here are the girls on their "obstacle course".

Caroline just started riding the 'big-girl bike' about 2 weeks ago and is already a pro. It helps that she does not have a timid or scared bone in her body. (did I mention that she fell down our 10-stair-metal-spiral staircase after church Wednesday night and after just a short crying spell said only, "Ow- my body hurts!")

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