Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just for the record...

We have had spring break this week and, though the weather took a turn for the worse (cold and rainy everyday?!) the kids and I have had a fun time just hanging out. Our goal was to do one special thing everyday; I love that they are still so young and naive that even little things can be a thrill. Tonight, after dinner and baths, we took a quick pajama-clad trip to the new frozen yogurt place in town. There is nothing like making your kids happy... I can see how it would be so easy--if money were no object!--to buy without regard. Just to watch your child's face! (I guess it's a good thing that we have a tight budget because I also know that as quickly as the kids want one thing, it just as quickly ends up in a drawer with all of their other treasures.)

It is so fun to see each of the kids changing and growing. I thought that 4 was a tough age for Aly, but what a difference a year makes! I truly enjoy her company, love watching her heart and compassion, and am blown away by her imagination. Recently, she has really gotten into sounding out words in books and attempting to spell:
"butterfly", "tomato", "cat", "dog", and "puppy"

Caroline continues to march to the beat of her own drummer, rarely realizing what is going on around her. She loves to make people laugh, makes faces at Jack when he's upset, but still loves to cuddle with me (though her "cuddling" is more of a jump-in-my-lap, strangle-me-hug, hop-back-out). She still has her imaginary friend, Fritz, who is apart of every story she tells. She even pulls a chair up for him at the dinner table!

An in-depth conversation. I just had to catch how "into it" they were.

And Jack is just doing new things by the day. This month he has started waving, kissing, clapping...and getting into everything! He's got a mouth full of teeth and is trying to grow into his huge, buck-tooth smile right now.

I can't believe that an entire month has flown by already; summer will be here before we know it! I hope that everyone has a great weekend--

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